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Sharing The Golden Nuggets In Internet Marketing

Online Marketing for Astrophotography

The beauty of online marketing is that it can benefit virtually any company, whether that company is just starting out, looking to grow, or offering an unusual or unique product. In this digital age, the Internet can be one of the most effective methods of advertising out there.

Take, for instance, the example of one of my recent clients. This gentleman had managed to turn his hobby of star gazing into a truly unique business. He became so passionate about the beauty of the night sky that he purchased a telescope that allowed him to download and save digital pictures to his computer.

When he decided to share this beauty with others, he upgraded his amateur telescope and his computer so he could produce truly professional photos. He then used his scope to take stunning pictures of meteors, the moon, stars, and eclipses.  Working from home, he was able to contact local magazines and newspapers that were interested in purchasing and using his photos.

The result was a successful home business. After a while, however, this gentleman decided that advertising through word of mouth and personal contact with individual clients was keeping his business smaller than he wanted. When he decided to try growing his astronomy business, he reached out to me for a consultation about how he could use the Internet to increase his online presence and sell more photos from his telescope.

Even though his business dealt with the nighttime sky, the online market served as the perfect outlet for his photographs. We were able to first develop a website that showcased some of his most breathtaking telescope images of the night sky. From there, interested customers were able to order photographs of stars, comets, and heavenly bodies. All he had to do was to upload his telescope pictures to the site whenever he was ready to sell them. This technique alone increased his business by 30 percent.

In addition, I was able to help him connect with stock photography websites. By reaching out to these sites, I was able to show them the unique appeal of my client’s telescope photos. Now, his photos bring in royalties at well-known websites such as Shutterstock, where he receives a percentage every time someone purchases a digital copy of his photos. He now earns more through this type of online presence than he ever did selling to physical print companies.

My client was able to turn a small home business and a passion for star gazing into a lucrative career simply by tapping the potential of the Internet. Using a telescope, a computer, and some online expertise, he now supports himself through his images of the night sky. His business also now has unlimited potential to continue growing.

With the right savvy and a good product, almost anyone can duplicate this success. Online marketing offers a pool of potential clients that is not restricted to a region or country, and that, therefore, is nearly unlimited. Tapping these clients with the right advertising techniques can help you transform the Internet into a profitable tool for growing your business.

How To Market Your Home-Made Balms Online

Ah, the sweet scents of homemade body products.

Suddenly, panic! “How am I going to market these? How am I going to stand out? Eeek!”

Homemade is unique. It means your product differs substantially from big brands. When customers buy homemade, they buy from you, the entrepreneur. Part of what customers buy from your products is the knowledge that the products aren’t made from harmful chemicals like those that big companies use to mass produce items.

Marketing Tips

Marketing your products like online involves more than where to sell them. “Where” is indeed important, but here are a few steps to take first.

  • You’ve experimented until can consistently make your medicinal salves, balms, and other products exactly the way you want them.
  • Your products fall within the FDA laws and rules; plus your state, county, and city rules.
  • You’ve decided who your target market is. That is, you know who is most likely to buy this. Twenty-something women without children seldom want products designed for fifty-something empty-nesters.
  • You’ve studied your competitors, discovered how your products differ from theirs.
  • You’ve chosen price-points that will put the product into the hands of your audience, but still give you a decent net profit.

Perhaps you’ve given out free samples to your friends and neighbors. Your only request from them was a positive review on their chosen social media. This is a good beginning, but it is only the beginning.

Now comes the harder part: getting strangers to buy, and then buy again. Your products are consumable. You want customers to come back after they’ve run out of their first order.

What’s the Next Step?

Here’s your fictitious ideal customer: Samantha is twenty-three, married; no children. She has an associate’s degree in English. She lives in Nevada, works in an office, and earns $36,000 a year. She uses organic medicinals. She wants to be a scriptwriter.

Create a Website

A website used to be a luxury. Now, it’s necessary. Use your website to describe the salves, balms, ointments, and the rest; try catalog-style. Show (not tell) how your unique products will meet Samantha’s needs.

Use a paid site. You own it, and everything you put on it (free sites limit what you can do on them – plus they own whatever words you put there.) Create a “landing page” that captures emails. Offer trial sizes. Create your catalog, order page, and payment options. Add social media links. Be as creative in your marketing as you are in your products. If you’re simply offering information to readers, it’s still important to have your own site. This site is a home remedy website and it focuses on providing information about home remedies. Having your own site helps readers or potential clients find your more easily.

Use the Right Venues

According to Business News Daily (December 6, 2012), do these three specific things to successfully sell at third-party sites:

  1. Choose the right market. Choose it based on your products.
  2. Make your profile attractive, and your listings informative. Make your products searchable with keywords.
  3. Maintain and manage your ratings. Online customers rely on positive reviews before buying.

Although these three points appear obvious, too often crafters or sellers forget them.

Some of the more current craft-type sites are:

Etsy: One of the original craft sites, but no longer only handmade or vintage.
ArtFire: Handmade crafts and art.
Zibbet: Still handmade only.
eBay: One of the most difficult to be unique.
Amazon: More difficult than eBay; it has more restrictions on handmade items than any of the above.

The Last Thing

Take your time. The hype on instant business is just that: hype. True businesses take time to build properly, especially physical products, such as salves, balms, and ointments. This also holds true for your site. Having interlinking pages play a big role in gaining customers. For example, when you look at a product in Amazon, there’s an area where it shows related products. This works for websites as well. Linking one page to another related page will help build up your site and potentially increase your customer population. For example, this page talks about How to Get Rid of Cold Sores but it shares another link to a page that talks about Lysine supplements, something that people who have cold sores might want to try. Building up your website is a good strategy so at the end of the day, it’s better to take your time and do it right the first time.

4 Tips to increase your exposure on Instagram

Apart from Instagram being a place for sharing selfies, or of what your having for lunch. It is one of the fastest growing social media base with the number of users hitting over the two hundred million marks. Research clearly reveals that it gets fifteen engagements more by users than Facebook and forty times than Twitter. It can not only be used to increase conversions and awareness  small business, but even more for a business that is highly visual such as a tattoo removal business.

Using Instagram can easily make your business account to climb up (as far as followers are concerned) within the shortest time possible. More followers can also equate to more business. Even if your conversions remain the same, having 1k vs 10k of followers can directly affect your bottom line.

All you need is to follow my clear steps on how to use it effectively, for your business account to get more followers and grow. The users of this social media specifically like images, so it’s vital for you to get to know how the users can easily find your business images.

Images are the only way to go on Instagram. But do not let this hold you back from thinking the image needs to be a picture of someone or something. Picture qoutes have been becoming increasingly popular recently. So how do increase your business account following on Instagram?

  1. Link the account with your facebook account.

This is perhaps the best and easiest method to improve your following. When the facebook followers see that you are on Instagram, they are more likely to follow you there as well. By having your tattoo removal business page status updated asking them to follow it; you have a higher chance of increasing the number of followers on Instagram.

  1. Making proper use of popular tags.

Just like the other social related networks, those that make use of instagram have a preference for specific tags over the others. If these tags are made use of within your tattoo removal images, it makes them easy to be discovered by members. Some of the popular tags on Instagram are: #love, #instagood, #me, #tbt, and #cute among others.

  1. Using popular filters

This social media user has a preference for photos related to your tattoo business as mentioned earlier with specific filters doing better than others. I have listed some of the filters that you can make use of in your business: Normal, Rise, Valencia, and Hefe among many others.

  1.  Use comments more as opposed to likes

For the images that you post to get more engagement, you should comment on other profiles posts. Generally commenting creates more engagement than if you were to only “like” a picture. It is vital to take note before starting that most folks do more of likes than comments. Research has proven that every single day, more likes are created than comments. So, the secret is for you to comment on another person’s profile, and definitely he/she will do the same for you.

Lastly it’s essential to mention that by inputting the above methods your tattoo removal business account will slowly grow and definitely increase conversion rate of your website. By actively implementing these tips, they can help increase your bottom line. Look forward to hearing how they work for you and your business.

Tips For Finding The Best Health Insurance For Self-employed Entrepreneur

insuranceHealth insurance policy is without doubt a necessity that should not be ignored by self-employed entrepreneurs. With unexpected events hitting individuals without them anticipating, an insurance policy will save them from incurring total loss. However, choosing a perfect insurance policy has become a daunting task to most people with many companies offering what seems to be the best deal. If you are faced with such a problem, here are useful tips for you. Continue reading

10 Tips for Running Your Online Business When Traveling the World

tips for travelVacation time is one of the most overlooked essential needs for business owners. Most entrepreneurs, with the knowledge of how much their business make when running it, they usually see vacation as a waste of time considering the cost of vacation package itself and the cost of not running the business when away. However, with the latest advancement in technology, you should not worry about that. You can travel throughout the world while running your business smoothly. Below are 10 tips for running your online business when traveling around the world smoothly no matter what bumps you encounter along the way.

Continue reading

How to Market your Gardening Product Brand online

garden productAre you looking for ways in which to improve your online marketing skills? If you think about it from the customer’s point of view, you can get many useful tips that can help you in selling more of your products online. Online marketing has turned out to be more important than ever and here we present to you several ways that can be employed to make sure that you get the most out of your new gardening product. The good thing is that much of the internet activities revolve around lifestyle, especially where social media is concerned. Thus, internet plays an important part in online marketing.  Continue reading

Online marketing tips for small businesses

It has for long been said that if you are not marketing then you are not in a business. In the current technological advanced business world, having just a shop front and a flashy sign to attract customers is not enough. And also, if you are selling online, it is not all about having a professional looking website that is full of graphics and new products. I have been an online marketing consultant for 20 years and I have come to realize that there is more to all that. In this article, I will educate you on ways to market your website online.

This is one of the best online marketing strategies that are doing wonders to many businesses. By offering your clients and prospects with informative, non-salesy content in your blog that can promote you socially and offer to other networks to supplement their strategy, you will easily establish yourself as an expert in your field of business. Whether you are marketing teeth whitening products, your audience will view you as an expert in this field. You need to blog more on things that might be of interest to them. For example, if an individual is reading on tooth whitening, it is obvious that the next question on his mind is the cost. For this reason, you need to tell them about the cost of teeth whitening (example here) and any other thing that relates to that.

Pay-per-click advertising
As you engage in this form of online marketing, you need to know that your message needs to be as targeted with your marketing efforts as much as possible, especially if your product or service location is specific. PPC can be a great way to succeed in online marketing since you will be able to spend your money marketing your product or service to your target audience.

Make good use of social
If you are not using social media, it is about time you start. Social media use has grown overwhelmingly with millions of individuals all over the world spending their leisure time on the social media platforms, producing almost double the marketing leads of telemarketing, direct mail, or even trade-shows. Some of the social media platforms that I recommend are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. After that, start building a presence there.

Influence email marketing and reminder email marketing is known to be great for engaging customers but you will be limiting its influence if you keep it silo. Therefore, you need to integrate your email marketing campaigns with other marketing campaigns if you want to improve its impact on your business and vice-versa.

Content is the key
There is need to evaluate your website content because it plays a very crucial role in the success of your online marketing. Is your content unique and useful when you consider what it says? What this means is that your content needs to give the information that people are looking for when they visit your website. Is your website worth reading, does your content match your business goal? Think about that as you come up with the content.

Many people think that having a website is all that is required to have a successful business. What you as an individual needs to know is that marketing your business is your only way of getting traffic and increased profit from your website. Just make good use of the above information and take your business to greater heights.

Getting the right ‘feel’ for your website

I see many websites where some designers clearly didn’t see the ‘vision’ of the stakeholder. Either that or the stakeholder did not have a clear vision themselves which results in a website or brand that doesn’t send the correct message to the user.

Let me explain myself better. Do you think a website about for a law firm would be well served by a font such as comic sans? Well let me help you out – the answer is clearly and emphatic no! The childish and slapdash feel that is put across by this font would leave a prospective client in doubt as to the authority of the website as reputable advocates. Instead use either a serif font which is a traditional style for this market or a clean geometric font which is slightly softer. My preference is the clean geometric font as used by this law website about no win no fee claims. It’s use of clean colour and lines lends itself to a friendly and approachable firm of solicitors but still gives an air of authority.

Colours are also an important aspect of design. In different cultures colours can mean different things. In the western hemisphere black is a traditional mourning colour yet in other areas of the world it stands for life. Red is another example of colour meaning. We usually associate red with danger or a warning yet in China it is a colour of luck. Red would not be a good colour for a Doctors office as it would invoke a sense of worry and danger. Instead we use a blue or white which gives a sense of cleanliness and trust. These colours are used well in this cosmetic surgery website about the intimate subject of vaginoplasty. This website also does a good job or reassurance by including an image that helps put the user/client at ease. A reassuring medical professional that is of an age that could be considered experienced and a smile that gives an air of confidence. This helps put a user at ease and may be a significant factor in converting into a sale and helps with the trust issues that may be prevalent in this market area.

Layouts should also be consistent across pages. Having multiple pages that are all completely different can create brand confusion and then distrust. Pages need to follow a theme as does brand identity. Logos should be consistent in size, placement and colour. A logo that looks squashed is unconsidered and therefore gives a user a sense of sloppiness and control. If a business can’t be bothered with looking after their own affairs how can they look after yours?

A good idea is to create an online style guide that will offer a consistent design across a website. These use a set of styles using css that will give anybody designing any aspect of the site the correct:

  • Font Family
  • Font Sizes (for headers / paragraphs etc)
  • Colour Palette
  • Image Styles
  • Margins
  • Padding
  • Branding

A great example of this is the Starbucks style guide which can be viewed here.

The French Website “” is a website committed to providing career information assistance and support to all those interested in pursuing the profession of a nurse’s aide (NA). Nursing aids, also referred to as unlicensed assistive personnel or Certified Nursing Assistants (CAN’s) are individuals who assist nurses in hospitals and other medical establishments with tasks requiring limited to no formal education or training.

Nursing aids are therefore individuals who carry out basic non specialized patient care tasks such as feeding, bathing and transporting patients under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. This article provides a brief analysis of the “” website highlighting how those interested in becoming nursing aids can benefit from the portal.

Choosing the type of job and career we want to purse is never an easy task. It is for this reason that understanding the type of profession you want to undertake before embarking to join a professional group is important.

Site Description

The website helps individuals do just that. is a nursing aid portal that provides interested individuals with information on what it takes to be a career nurse’s aide. The website walks visitors through the particulars of what being a nurses aid involves and explains the level of commitment, training and attitude required of a professional care giver. provides a detailed page on the advantages and disadvantages of being a professional care giver or nurse’s aide along with helpful video interview submissions of current nurses’ aides that talk about the joys and trials of their jobs.

While individuals do not generally have to have any type of formal training or education in order to be an unlicensed or certified nurse’s aide – since medical knowledge is not a requirement for the job – having some level of training is advisable as it helps open up better employment opportunities and provides that added edge required in the highly competitive profession. According to the website, pursuing a career as a professional nurse’s aide generally requires individuals to have 10 months of training experience.

Main assets of

Nurse’s aids that have this experience can further pursue graduate class V nursing assistant diplomas which open them up to the possibility of higher paying job opportunities with various hospitals, medical facilities, private assisted care employment placements, hospices and nursing homes among others.

Some of the few tasks that require training which nurse’s aides maybe required to perform include: monitoring a patient’s vital signs (e.g. pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar levels etc.) providing post mortem care, bowel and bladder care, catheter and toileting assistance, hair and mouth care, observing, documenting and reporting all changes in condition of a patients health to a registered nurse or medical practitioner, regularly positioning and turning bedridden patients and assisting patients with a range of motion exercise.

While some of the services offered by nursing aides obviously do not require any rigorous training or medical education, others, particularly as those mentioned above do. provides those with an interest in pursuing a nurses aid profession understand the type of technical skills that may be required for the job and identify the best places in which to attain such skills.

In addition to all the useful information provided on’s portal the website’s layout, content, clear and simple language and visitor feedback section make it simple to navigate, interact with and use.

5 SEO Tips Every Insurance Company Should Know

I believe every business should optimize their website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing among others to rank higher in the search engines’ top search results pages for their desired search terms.

If a site shows up in the top search results pages for their selected keywords, they will get more targeted and conversion-friendly traffic to their site. Getting more quality traffic will enable one to convert the visitors to more leads and eventual sales.

This is why my love of writing on new social media technologies is only eclipsed by my passion for SEO. As it doesn’t matter how good of a product or solution you provide, if people can’t find it online then it might as well not exist.

In a competitive niche like the car insurance industry, insurance companies should utilize proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to increase their visibility online and attract more targeted audience or potential customers.

So here are 5 SEO Tips Every Insurance Company Should Know:

Go for Long-Tail Keyword

Long-tail keyword will increase more organic visibility. If you want to get quick results, i.e. getting up high on the top search results pages, then you should research long-tail keyword(s) with a high enough search volume but low levels of organic search competition. You can use Google AdWords Keywords tool to help you research the long-tail searches and find the appropriate long-tail keyword to rank on highly in the search results pages.

Take for example, this insurance company which located in Ireland: They are in the business of proving information on car insurance plans. In their case instead of trying to rank for car insurance or motor insurance, they go for country specific terms, like cheap car insurance in Ireland.

Work on On-page Optimization

On-page optimization lies in the heart of SEO marketing tactic. In fact, on-page optimization starts even before a website is created live online. Titles, descriptions, and internal links must be optimized properly. Your website’s navigation bar must be user friendly. Make sure your website and web pages load fast.

Research your competitors’ backlinks strategies. Your competitors are continuously trying to create and develop high quality backlinks to build more authority in their niches. If you want to compete with them and have an edge over them in terms of gaining more visibility online, you must be able to research your competitors’ backlinks and formulate your own strategy for future success of your business.

Go Local

Nowadays, local searches are like goldmine for any business, including insurance. Insurance providers have physical locations. So, they should make sure to take full advantage of local SEO marketing services. It is vital for you to be listed on Google Places, online directories, and other local directories to get additional visibility for local based searches and also gaining multiple backlinks from local directories and online listings.

Become an Information Hub

Content is the key to reaching your potential customers and content marketing can help you achieve this goal. Your content must be informative, unique and provide solutions to problems your potential customers may have.

You must be able to create compelling content that professional copywriters and copywriting agencies can deliver. If you cannot do it yourself, you can hire an SEO agency or company that can take care of your copywriting and content writing need.

Regardless of how you create your content, the keyword relevancy is super important. So instead of writing a large article on car insurance, write 10 articles and split them on different sub-categories. As you can see, the same Irish Insurance company mentioned above has a page/guide on womens car insurance, including specific tips on comparing, calculating, and finding the cheapest ones.

Build and Develop High Quality Backlinks

If you want to appear as an authority site in your niche and drive potential customers to your site then you must be able to attract a good number of relevant backlinks or external links to your website.

To gain trust of your targeted audience and potential customers you will want to demonstrate your authority in the niche and that is why it is critical to have high-quality and ultra relevant content on your website. So make sure you have a good social media presence and professional site design to get more quality back links.

SEO is a complicated and and ongoing process. You can never say your are finished and your site is search engine optimized. As an insurance company must take SEO seriously If you want to stay in the race of acquiring more organic search traffic and turn the traffic into revenue.

The above-mentioned 5 tips should help your insurance business gain more customers and maximize your profits.

Online Marketing Basics For Small Business

Online marketing for small businesses is something that can not be ignored. You simply must get online in today’s marketing landscape. One of the questions you may already be asked every time you talk to someone about your company is “do you have a website?” Sure, some people will still ask for a business card, but that is a dying breed.

Obtaining a website in 2014 is not difficult at all. There are many services that will put one together for you for relatively short money, as compared to in the past. The only other excuse you may have is to not know how to approach it. I have a few really basic tips to help get started!

1. Commitment. There are many levels of business and personal life in which this is an important quality. It true here as well. The reality is that maintaining an online presence is not easy and will certainly not always go the way you want it to. There are some days your site will be high up in the rankings and other days it will be down. One day four people will leave great reviews and the next 1 person will leave a terrible one. It’s a roller coaster ride to say the least!

Staying committed is important because the results are going to come long term, as long as you allow them to. Be prepared for the ups and downs. It is never as easy as just slapping up a website. It takes a lot of guts! In the long run your presence will be strong overall, as long as you treat customers right.

2. Measure results. This is one of the most common mistakes we see. Things change quickly in the world we live in. The pace is doubled online! What worked for you last year is almost assuredly not going to work for you this or next year. So it is crucial that you measure results from your different campaigns. It is the only way you can tell what is and is not working at any particular moment.

Recently I consulted with a woman who runs her own business from home. She is a medical biller. The average medical billing and coding salary is $37,710 a year. She was making significantly less than that. We tweaked her ad campaign. She had been relying on facebook ads she posted 6 months prior! She has seen a 20% increase in income. She would have known this wasn’t working if she had tracked the results.

3. Variety. Variety is the spice of life. Business as well. The old saying never to put your eggs all in one basket couldn’t be more true in this context. Nothing is ever guaranteed. A good mix of social media ads and google ads is the way to go in my opinion. Google can change on a whim, with little to no notice. If you lose all of your traffic from one source and that’s all you have, you’re toast. It’s like this old hunting store owner I used to work with occasionally. He used to post trail camera reviews online. (You can see some examples of what those are here). Google updated their algorithm and he lost all organic search traffic. If he hadn’t also driven traffic from Facebook, that side of his business would have been done!

There is obviously way more too it all than these tips, but if you are just starting out these tips are the foundation of a great online marketing presence!

Social Media and SEO: Two Integral Aspects of an Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Let’s face it: if you’re running a small business then it is needless to say that you don’t have any big investors backing you up. So it’s pretty much you and your little but substantially valuable money supporting the company.

When it comes to investing that money into something that provides you with tangible results, you most certainly need to make sure that each and every penny is going to the right place, because as a small business owner, each dollar spent on a scheme that provides you no results accounts for loss.

Speaking of making wrong investments, one major issue with new and aspiring business owners is that they hop on the online marketing bandwagon fairly quickly, and without any clear insights, splash the cash only to face failure and considerable losses financially in the end.

So where is it that most entrepreneurs go wrong when it comes to the online world of marketing and branding?

Speaking from experience, I’ve dealt with a wide range of customers looking to impress their online base with fancy ideas and concepts. Here is the first reality check: despite how unique and attractive your ideas may appear, they cannot be materialized if they aren’t tangible.

Which brings us to the next point: what is exactly tangible when it comes to online marketing?

Your answer is two aspects, SEO and Social Media namely.

Of course, it may seem as if you are following the same formula as everyone else by integrating these two aspects into your online marketing strategy. But there’s no point in differing from the masses when it’s almost certain that these are the only two aspects which are selling in the market.

If you think your business can survive the difficult circumstances brought about the online world, without the two most essential guards i.e. SEO and Social Media, then you are sadly mistaken. A good-looking website such as Free Bet Options can only win you a mere positive remark for attractiveness. Where will you get your conversions from?

Social media alone makes up for over 60% of your online consumer base. And what about those users trying to Google a company that offers exactly what you provide? If you haven’t looked up on your SEO metrics lately then you are most definitely losing a large chunk of your customers here as well.

In my opinion, it is safe to say that SEO and Social media are two aspects which entirely make up an online business nowadays. Therefore, it is safe to say that if you aren’t integrating either one of these into your online marketing campaign then you’re pretty much doomed to fail.

As such, do the smart thing and make sure you hire a decent professional that knows the ins and outs and whereabouts of online marketing, specifically search engine optimization and social media. Having a strong foundation in these two mediums will most definitely promise you impressive results.

How The Internet Helped One Installment Loans Company

The finance and loans business is an extremely competitive business, and one which is very difficult for any small company to break into.

There are dozens, if not thousands, of very successful and high profile finance and loans company including, of course, all of the major banks. These players are long established in the field, have extremely high profiles and well-known names and enormous marketing budgets. They can advertise their services on television, radio, magazines and much more.

And it is therefore extremely difficult for any small player to commence business offering loans and finance and compete against these long established high profile businesses.

However if a small player does wish to enter this field then one of the best ways to establish itself is to do so online. One of the great advantages of marketing a business online is that, provided your product is of interest to a wide range of the population, and is available in a wide geographic area, then online advertising is one of the cheapest ways to break into a highly competitive field.

And this is exactly what a small company, offering installment loans for bad credit here, has been able to do at relatively low cost.

Of course the obvious way to achieve this end is to create a website. A website is relatively inexpensive to produce and, if used properly, can be highly effective at advertising a product to a wide segment of the population and in particular to interested visitors.

And if done properly a website can be a very cost-effective way of competing with the large players on a relatively level playing field.

Of course any small company entering the field would be unable to compete if it had to compete, for example, using television advertising which is extremely expensive. But the Internet offers small companies such as this company which offers small installment loans, a way to compete at low cost.

And of course it’s not just the creation of a website that gives the company this opportunity. There’s many other ways it can market its services online including online advertising as well as online word of mouth.

Online advertising, for example, is relatively inexpensive when compared to newspaper or television advertising, and is much more effective at targeting people who have a specific interest in the subject matter at hand. The vast majority of people who view a television advertisement would have no interest in the product however online advertising allows the advertiser to show the advertisement to specific people who have already demonstrated an interest in the subject, for example having performed a Google search for that particular subject.

And as well as that the payment model for online advertising is different and the advertiser only pays where a visitor views the ad and uses that ad to visit the website.

It will be very interesting to keep an eye on this field in the future. We expect there will be many more small niche companies which will open up in the finance and loans field and which will make use of the Internet to market their loans online.

Increase Trucking Customers Through your Website

If you work in the trucking industry, or if you own a trucking company, using your online site is a great way to go about drawing in more business. You can increase trucking customers through your website, and the right ads that you use, to build your online site. Depending on the type of work you do, and what type of customers you are trying to attract, there are different tactics you can use to draw in your consumers.


Pay per click ads are a great way to draw in your customers. They simply click on a banner, and will receive information about your company and your site. Although you pay a few cents per click, the more people who click on these ads, the more likely it is you are going to draw in new customers, and are eventually going to gain new customers through this form of advertising.

Use links

Adding links to social media pages is also an easy way for you to build your consumer base, and to bring in new customers. You are easily going to be able to add messages, and draw in new customers, when you incorporate social media. Today, you can reach thousands of people with one simple message through social media; so, adding these links to your site, is an easy way for you to draw in new customers, and to attract those who are looking for your services.

Create external ads

Using your site, you can also incorporate external ads. If you are trying to hire new truckers, you can use your site, as a means for them to apply for work through your site. If you are looking for new customers, for deliveries and pick ups, you can use your site to market the work that you do online. Because so many people are going to visit your site, it is a simple place for you to add new messages, and to draw in new customers to your site. You can easily add new messages and add distinct marketing tactics, in order for your customers, and potentially new customers to find you online as well.

Over time, your online site is going to create word of mouth marketing as well. This means that those who visit your site, and see those ads and marketing messages, are also going to tell others about your site and the work you do. So, not only will social media, and video ads allow you to draw in new customers, but your current customers are also going to work for you, and help to draw in new customers over time as well. So, you have to use the right steps, the right external sites, and simple messages, in order to connect online today. Using your online site, social media, and video posting sites, are just a few ways to market yourself, not only for a very low cost, but also to simply reach several people at a time, without having to use several different methods.

Are you in the trucking industry and needs inspiration for your website? is a great site filled with vital information about trucking.

Marketing a Small Lawn Care Business Online

Internet marketing has been on a roll in the recent years and there is no indication that this is about to change any time soon. This is good news especially where small business are involved because it is cheaper and undeniably easier to reach your market through the internet these days than other forms of advertising mediums. In this post, I will discuss the internet marketing campaign we put together for a client who owned a small lawn care business. For the sake of our client's privacy, I will withhold his name and simply refer to him as John in this post.

I met John at a BBQ party a common friend of ours threw. We got to talking and he told me about his small business. Being my usual curious self, I asked him what kind of marketing strategy he had in place. He told me that he didn't really think that he needed to market his business and he couldn't afford to have a fancy marketing plan. He also told me that most of his clients were referrals. I then told him about what I do and offered to give him a trial period for free without any obligation. He was interested in finding out what I could do for his business so he agreed to come into my office the following Monday.

The first thing we did was set up a website for his business. Next, we created social media accounts for him. He was curious as to how a Facebook account could gain him new clients so we told him how we were going to reach out to people. We told him we needed to have articles related to lawn care written and posted on his website. Articles with tips and tricks, how to's, and reviews. He was surprised when we mentioned reviews. He asked how lawn mower reviews like the ones on this site were going to help him. We told him that sharing gas, electric, and reel mower reviews like those written by The Lawnmower Judge will give potential customers the impression that he really knows what he's doing when we share them on his social media accounts. Thus, somehow building his reputation as a lawn care specialist.

Less than a week after we've put everything into place, John calls me up and tells me that he has already received call from 5 people who were interested in what his company had to offer. After the week was up, he was able to close the deal for 8 new clients. Needless to say, John decided to hire us to do his internet marketing for the next 6 months. We are very excited to see how far we can take John's small lawn care business to the next level and so is he.

Our advice to small business owners is this. Don't be afraid to consult an internet marketing expert for your business. Rather than focusing on the costs, think about how much good a great internet marketing strategy can help your bottom line. Besides, most of firms offer free trial periods that you can take advantage of.

Most Useful Android Apps for Business IT Consultants

Business consultants are constantly on the go helping companies and organizations to remain competitive and profitable. Many consultants use a variety of different tools to help them stay on task and to perform their work quickly and efficiently. Most IT consultants have to keep in touch with their clients and to make sure that they are giving them updated and timely information. The following applications have been developed to help consultants to perform at their best.

All these great applications are available for Android OS, so you can easily install them by visiting Google Play Store and searching for them. If you don’t have Google Play Store you can manually install them by downloading APK installation file. Go to, search for your desired application and follow download and installation instructions.

Smart Keyword PRO

Smart Keyword PRO is a virtual keyboard that can be downloaded and used to streamline commands on mobile devices. This app is infused with multi-language support, various skins, voice input, T9 and compact mode and a Smart dictionary. Users can calibrate their keyboard with their device and use it to type up reports, letters and presentations. Smart Keyword Pro Owners can long press 123 keys at any time while entering keyboard settings. This app is priced at $2.75 and is great for helping consultants to communicate and to take down information.


Wunderlist is an app that is all about formulating and exchanging ideas through self generated lists. Consultants can create lists for their clients and they can share their ideas as soon as they are formulated. Users can instantly sync their list between a phone, tablet and computer. This tool can help consultants to provide clients with important information in a timely manner. This map is free of charge.

Android Task Manager

The Android Task Manager is designed to manage the various systems which power a person’s mobile device. People can use the Task Manager to scan for viruses, process work lists in real time and to end applications that are operating in the background. This app can check the battery life and the amount of storage space that is available on a device. Consultants could definitely use this app to improve their device operations and to protect data. This app is free to download and use.

Visual Voice Mail

Visual Voice Mail allows users to manage their voice-mails and faxes on their mobile devices. They can set up specific greetings, respond to voice-mail with Voice Instant Message and receive notifications every time a voice-mail or fax message is missed. Users can ever forward save their messages or block unwanted callers from leaving messages. This tool will definitely help any consultant to streamline their business communications. Visual Voice Mail is free to use.

Car Home

The Car Home is a great app that can be used for turning a mobile device into a personal navigation and infotainment unit. Users can quickly access navigation, voice actions and track their position while driving. They can listen to music and connect mobile devices through their computerized dashboard. Consultants can talk and send text messages with voice free commands. They can use the built in compass to find their direction and they can check the current weather conditions in their area. The unit also has a built in clock. User can download the Car Home app for free.

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